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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<title>News example template</title>



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<strong>Global markers, as set up in TypoScript:</strong>
These are substituted throughout the whole template.

GW1B / GW1E - wrap for news headers in single view
GW2B / GW2E - wrap for more-links and the pagebrowser
GW3B / GW3E - wrap for headers in latest and amenu templates

GC1 - first alternating color
GC2 - second alternating color
GC3 - color for headers in latest and amenu templates
GC4 - bgcolor for items in list view

<strong>Common markers:</strong>
These are substituted in all news item displaying templates:

NEWS_UID - ID number (uid) of the news item
NEWS_TITLE - News item title
NEWS_AUTHOR - name of author
NEWS_EMAIL - email of author
NEWS_DATE - date
NEWS_TIME - time
NEWS_AGE - age of news item in minutes, hours, days or years
NEWS_SUBHEADER - subheader, if empty main content is inserted here in LIST and LATEST
NEWS_CONTENT - main content
NEWS_LINKS - news links
NEWS_CATEGORY - news item category
NEWS_CATEGORY_IMAGE - news item category image
NEWS_RELATED - links to related news
NEWS_IMAGE - news item images
NEWS_CATEGORY_ROOTLINE - the category rootline

PAGE_UID - Page id of the parent page (pid)
PAGE_TITLE - Title of the parent page of the news item
PAGE_AUTHOR - Page author, if any
PAGE_AUTHOR_EMAIL - Page author email, if any

<em>News Language Markers (see pi/locallang.php):</em>
LATEST_HEADER - header for the LATEST element
GOTOARCHIVE - link to archive page in latest template
MORE - more ;-)
TEXT_CAT - text output before categories and category images in LIST view (eg: 'categories:')
TEXT_CAT_LATEST - the same in a shorter form for the LATEST element (eg: 'cat:')
BACK_TO_LIST - link back to list-view in single-view template
ARCHIVE_EMPTY_MSG - no items in archive
SEARCH_EMPTY_MSG - message for empty search results
TEXT_NEWS_AGE - text inserted before the age of the news item

<em>Wrapped Subparts:</em>
LINK_ITEM - link to the news item single display
LINK_PREV - used in the pagebrowser

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<em>This subpart is used to display single news items</em><br />
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<!-- ###TEMPLATE_SINGLE### begin
This subpart is used to display single news items

<div class="news_content">

<div class="end_news"></div>

<!-- ###TEMPLATE_SINGLE### end -->